The Literary World

The literary world is a world in which you can let your imagination run wild and there is so much you can do, see, feel and imagine. It’s a world where you actively engage your imagination because you are in the process of visualizing all that you see, read and in the case of audio books, hear. Our imaginations are such awesome tools and a way that we create. How so? Because visualization and seeing are some of the most important and powerful ways that we can bring something to life. And books of all kinds help us do that.

With the help of books, we are presented with many ways to stimulate our minds, engage our brains, practice our imagination, see things as they could be and not just as they are, and so much more. Reading in any language helps our socio-linguistic skills and contrary to many who believe that reading is a solo activity, reading can be done with others, such as in pairs, small groups, entire audiences, and more.

At Authors Get Published, we always believe that new, mid-career, and seasoned authors have much to say and that the way they say it is just as important as the message. No matter the age, sex, culture or background of the person who is doing the reading, an engagement with your reader is needed and has to be established and you don’t have much time to establish that. It needs to be done quickly or the reader will move on to another literary option. If we don’t have that, we are simply not going to create that excitement in the reader, that connection with the character(s), that desire to see them succeed despite the odds. Ultimately, the reader has to fall in love with the character and they need to be rooting for them to succeed. If you think about it, anytime you have a character that the audience is rooting for, it’s because that emotional connection has been established and the person is pretty much rooting for “their girl” or “their guy”.

Which characters have been particularly meaningful to you? Share in the comments below.