The Importance of Spelling & Grammar

I cannot overemphasize the importance of proper spelling and grammar when it comes to your writing. This is so important because as one who has something important to share (hence the reason you are writing the book), you are saying that you are knowledgeable (maybe even an expert at this). If you submit something with poor spelling and grammar, you are negating that you can be an authority figure on this topic. It is also unprofessional to submit with improper spelling and grammar.

Writers go through drafts. Sometimes many drafts. Nothing wrong with that…it is even commendable (and often necessary) to do so. You don’t need to get the spelling and grammar right on the first draft, but in one of your drafts, it is vital to review the stylistic form and the way you have written something…and that includes your use of correct spelling and grammar.

If you are a person who feels that they are not great at that side of things, and you don’t want to use an expensive editor, simply ask a family member or a friend to check over your work for you. Again, nothing wrong with that and you are using the resources at your disposal to check on presenting your work in the best way(s) possible.

As an author myself and a publisher, it is really important for me to make sure that I am putting out to market something that is professional, true, well-written and teaches people properly. The way I look at it is this: a person is paying money to access this information so that they can learn and so that they can grow, personally, professionally, whatever. How fair am I being by putting something in their hands that is not of great quality? I know I wouldn’t like that in a book that I have just picked up.

So check, check and re-check your spelling and your grammar. If you don’t have someone you can show your work to, we have an in-house editing service that you can pay to use. It is only .10 per word and it is available in English and in French.

Simply email

Subject: Spelling & Grammar Check Request.

We will invoice you via secure Paypal and require prompt payment with the full amount prior to getting to work.

Hope you found this post helpful!