You Are The Expert

I say this to authors and prospective authors all the time: you are the expert in what you are writing about. Nobody can write this book as well as you. A lady I know is simply a whiz at being organized. Her home is super clean and neat and tidy and she enjoys putting her… Continue reading You Are The Expert

Dedicated To Your Craft

When an author is dedicated to their craft, it shows. When anyone is dedicated to their craft, it shows. We can see how they work hard, put in the time and the effort, put in the pieces that are needed to get that final (best) draft completed. When an author is dedicated to their craft… Continue reading Dedicated To Your Craft

Publishing Partnership

In my last post, I promised a more detailed breakdown of what the publishing partnership entails. Well, here is that post. The publishing partnership is a long-term partnership and involves many pieces. I have broken down each by responsibilities of the publisher and responsibilities of the author. Responsibilities of the Publisher Responsibilities of the Author… Continue reading Publishing Partnership

Your Own Website

Authors, when you have your own website, there are such tremendous advantages. Yes, there is a cost but there is a cost to everything. Here are some things you need to keep in mind as advantages for having your own website:* wonderful opportunity to market yourself* all the info is about you and you have… Continue reading Your Own Website

The Online Advantage

One of the greatest advantages to being an online publishing house is that we increase our access to the global market, with an ability to focus our resources and our strategies and we can easily serve (and provide the best books for) the global market. There are so many areas of the literary world that… Continue reading The Online Advantage

The Literary World

The literary world is a world in which you can let your imagination run wild and there is so much you can do, see, feel and imagine. It’s a world where you actively engage your imagination because you are in the process of visualizing all that you see, read and in the case of audio… Continue reading The Literary World

Why we are online publishers

Simply put, this is your one-stop shop for all things literary. Because we are a full-service publishing agency, we take new and seasoned authors’ books from manuscript to complete and well-designed book. Also, because we love and respect both readers and authors around the globe, and we are a multicultural, global society, we believe it… Continue reading Why we are online publishers

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