Quickest Turnaround Times in the Industry

If you are a published author or wish to be one, you are likely very familiar with the very slow turnaround times afforded within the Literary Industry. You submit your manuscript to the publisher following their very specific criteria and you may or may not hear back from them for months.

AGP was founded on the principles (among others) that that is unacceptable.

As an author or wannabe author, when you put your work out there, it takes a great deal of time, effort and courage to do that. As such, when you submit to a publishing house, it can be very discouraging to not hear back from a publishing house or to hear back from them several months later only to get a “no” answer.

At AGP, we get back to you either way within 2 weeks (business days only). If we have selected your manuscript for publication, you will receive our online publishing contract. If we have not selected your manuscript for publication, you will receive an email letting you know we will not be moving forward with your submission.

Either way, we hope that our timely, industry-innovative approach is seen as respecting your time and your work!