Your Manuscript’s Journey

Let’s face it: it takes time to write a great manuscript. Whether your story is of a fiction or non-fiction genre, whether it is a romance, a mystery, a paranormal, a Christian book, a sci-fi or what have you, your WIP (work in progress) is likely going to go through many different versions and drafts. And that is more than fine.

It is really important to feel good and to feel comfortable about your manuscript, your characters, your plot, theme and settings, and much more. Each aspect of your book is really important and really helps to highlight who you are as an author as well.

This is why many authors go through many drafts of their book before finally submitting it. If you are in that boat and you would like to have your book beta-read, it may be wise to approach beta readers to see their thoughts on your manuscript and how they may suggest you move forward.

There is nothing wrong with changing things up several times, if need be, and there is nothing wrong with making sure that you are happy and comfortable with your manuscript because bear in mind that once you submit your manuscript for consideration, that is the version AGP is reading and considering, and that we are assuming that no more changes are imminent.

So please make sure that you are submitting the version of your work that you are happiest with!