Why we are online publishers

Simply put, this is your one-stop shop for all things literary. Because we are a full-service publishing agency, we take new and seasoned authors’ books from manuscript to complete and well-designed book.

Also, because we love and respect both readers and authors around the globe, and we are a multicultural, global society, we believe it is very important to publish books in a variety of languages and in a variety of formats (ex. comics, picture books, novels, paperback, hard back, etc.)

This is why Authors Get Published (AGP) is the ideal destination for a global audience.

We help authors by providing:

* a platform where they can be published
* full editing and design services
* marketing and advertising help
* advice, help and commentary on best practices that come directly from our founder, Award-Winning Author, Dr. C. Topjian (D. Min.) author of such books as Jesus Loves You, Love and Kindness, Give it to God, Hannah Can Read, It’s in Transit, Are You Ready for God’s Best?, Etes-vous prets pour le meilleur de Dieu and many more
* we also know what it’s like to wait months and months from publishers and then either hear nothing or get turned down, and we believe there is a better way. We believe in acknowledging every submission and in letting you know soon and quickly if we will be moving forward with publishing your manuscript

We help readers by providing:

* 24/7 access to our online bookstore where you can browse for hours, read book descriptions, read about the author(s), read reviews on the books and more
* once you have made your selection(s), your purchase will be processed and sent out to you with 0 delay
* most fair prices for all books sold
* if your selection is an e-book, you can immediately download your selection, so you do not have to wait to immediately access your book choice
* most responsive customer service in the industry