You Are the Expert

I say this to authors and prospective authors all the time: you are the expert in what you are writing about. Nobody can write this book as well as you.

A lady I know is simply a whiz at being organized. Her home is super clean and neat and tidy and she enjoys putting her full effort into getting everything organized for herself and for her family. This is great. When I suggested to her that not everyone is so great at being neat and organized, and that she should write a book about this, she was taken aback at first. She realized that everyone is not as organized as she is and that people could benefit from being inspired by the way that she is. When you are really good at something and you dedicate the time to doing it, that makes you really good at it and it can qualify you to write a book about it because people would benefit from what you have to teach there.

In our submission process, we ask that you identify why you are the best person to write this book. This is the time and the space where you write out how you identify with being that person that your friends and family come to for help and for advice in this field, or how you are really good at doing this.

You do not have to be full time employed in something to be an expert at it. Not at all. In the example of the lady I know, nobody is paying her to be so good at being organized. She is just like that because she enjoys the feeling of being so organized and being so on top of things. It’s because she is so good at it and she chooses to put in the time and the effort that makes her an expert at it.

Reflection & Writing Time: What are you so good at and do you enjoy that makes you the best possible person to write a book on that thing? Have you ever thought to try your hand at teaching about that thing because you know others would benefit from it? Again, you don’t have to be currently paid at doing it or fully employed at doing it in order to write a book about it that will help and benefit others.