The Online Advantage

One of the greatest advantages to being an online publishing house & book seller is that we increase our access to the global market, with an ability to focus our resources and our strategies and we can easily serve (and provide the best books for) the global market. There are so many areas of the literary world that are currently under-served and one of our missions at AGP is to make sure that we are filling those areas of need. For example, purchasing a book should be easy, quick and simple, so any author partner we take on is going to move forward in daily operations with that frame of mind.

It is also really important to consider many perspectives and as long as we are respectful in doing so, then we can expand our points of view and maybe agree (or respectfully disagree) with the viewpoint of another. At AGP, we hold true to the Bible’s tenets: all of the greatest lessons we need to know as humans are found in the pages of the Bible and we make sure that we are holding true to those.

Being online also allows us to control our costs so that we can be sure that each person (from the author to the final reader) is getting the best bang for their buck!

Happy perusing of our website!