Dedicated To Your Craft

When an author is dedicated to their craft, it shows. When anyone is dedicated to their craft, it shows. We can see how they work hard, put in the time and the effort, put in the pieces that are needed to get that final (best) draft completed.

When an author is dedicated to their craft and wants to produce the very best piece of work, it really shows and one can see the time they put into their work. We are all busy so when an author really takes the time and puts in those efforts to get their work done, I find it admirable.

Writing is a craft. One needs to be dedicated to it and to work hard at doing it. You are putting a piece of learning and of inspiration “out there” on the market for people to read, to understand, to enjoy and to get something out of. Why else would they be paying for your book? As such, we can see how important it is to treat your book like the masterpiece it has to be.

You need to put in the time, the effort, the dedication – we all have things to do in our lives, many responsibilities we have. A writer makes sure that at each given opportunity to write and to improve their writing, that they are getting that done. And when one engages in that, we can see the fruits of their labor, which is a very well written book. A masterpiece.

Ask yourself these questions as you read this information post: am I doing all that is necessary to turn my writing into a masterpiece? Am I being fully dedicated to this? (Fully dedicated does not mean that you do it at the exclusion of everything else….no….it means you do as much as you can at each opportunity to sit down and to work on it.)

If you see that the answers are no, you know you need to “up your game”. You need to dedicate more time to your craft and to your work. If you see that the answers are yes, you know you are doing a good job…maybe consider putting even more effort and dedication in. Either way, there is always room for improvement.

One of the things that is really important to us here at AGP is that because we too were once “newbie” authors in the publishing industry, we have experienced the ins and the outs and we have cut our proverbial teeth in this industry. As such, we aim to provide information pieces to help you get the most out of your writing path…and to help you see where it is important and worthwhile to spend your time and there it may be a waste of time because the actions are not the most important that you need to be engaged in for your book’s best.

Reflection Time & Record It Time: So, this is an invitation for you to think about how dedicated you are to your craft. Think about the questions I asked further up and take some time to jot down your answers. Remember that for anything, you will get out of it what you put into it.