Welcome to the AGP’s Review page, where we review your manuscript and give our honest and professional feedback and whether we believe the current manuscript as-is is ready for publishing consideration with a publishing house.

We provide a review by a trusted third party that sets your book apart. Whether you are a first time author or a seasoned and already-previously published author, we will take your manuscript and give you invaluable notes.

Simply email in your request to with your basic information and a bit about you and your manuscript along with a digital copy of the pages you would like reviewed. We will conduct a professional review for you and get back to you privately with our notes.

Cost: $10 per page CDN payable by Paypal. This is a very market competitive rate. Simply send us your pages and we will get back to you to confirm receipt and then we will invoice you based on the final number of pages reviewed. All payments are in CDN dollars and payable securely via Paypal.