The 100 Day Challenge

I have decided to begin a 100 day challenge. This challenge is meant to keep me accountable and to make sure that I am doing all that I can to achieve one of my goals. I would like to get fit and look lean, and look great. This is something I have to work at and I do have to watch what I eat (and drink). I am not one of those people who can eat anything I feel like anymore and not gain weight. So, I have decided to begin a 90 day challenge of helping myself to look better, feel better and do my daily workouts.

The workouts I will be doing will be a combination of cardio, weights and general toning. I tend to do these workouts using a treadmill I bought a few years ago and is now housed in my basement (I have a portable heater so that I don’t freeze down there when I’m doing my workout), I have some weights and a yoga mat.

Working out can be a big challenge for me some days. I sometimes don’t feel like doing it, or life gets in the way. Some days, I just don’t wanna. So, this is one way that I will keep myself accountable. I am guessing that there are also others out there who experience this same challenge when it comes to working out and so if that is you also, welcome to the club!

So, without further ado, I will begin this challenge this evening and will post my daily progress. My intent is to post a daily update to let you all know how I am doing and if you would like to reach out and say hello or something nice, you can DM me on my Insta @authorsgetpublished .

I hope this will also help you, dear reader, if you are looking to get something in your life done too! I was inspired to do this by the book and movie, Julie and Julia. Maybe it will inspire you too?