Your Platform

One of the most important roles of a Publisher is to inform its audience, the Writers it publishes.

As such, AGP takes it upon itself to let you, the Writer, be aware of your tool: your platform. Your platform is your message and how you are going to present that message. When you sign up for a social media account or you submit your manuscript for publication consideration, you are building your platform. You are building your audience and this is really important because it gives your potential buyers (the readers) the opportunity to get to know you.

You see, you have a unique perspective. You may be writing about finance and while there are others who also write about finance, nobody is going to do it just like you. You may present the information in a humorous way, you may present the information with vivid and true explanations and examples from your own experiences, you may yet present the information in the form of color-coded charts. Whatever your way is, it is your way and that’s one of the things that makes your platform unique.

And everyone has their unique stance. Every person, no matter who you are. You will have a way to write and to present the information in a uniquely “you” way.

That’s a big part of what AGP is looking for in the manuscripts we read. We are looking for your fresh way of presenting the information and to do so in a clear, and concise way.

When you become one of our authors, it is also very important to continue building your platform. We are looking to help represent you and to help you to be successful in the lit space but if you are not using your own platform and you are not building your own following, then a big part of the equation is missing.

Lastly, we would like to point out that when you are building your platform, that you are authentic. Authentic means that you are presenting yourself as you really are, and people who try to present themselves as one way but are really another are not doing themselves a big favor. People are attracted to others who are themselves and if that means that you are a messy person talking about cleaning your house, then that’s how it should be presented because there are others like you who want to have a clean house but are also messy. Be authentically you because there is a market that is looking for your specific brand of you.