Why Authors Write & Publish

Authors write because they have something interesting and important to say and they want to share that information with the global market. You may know about things that you would like to write about, talk about and teach to someone else who may not be very familiar with that content or is familiar with it but may want to learn or know more about it from someone else’s perspective.

Also, when you take the time to write your manuscript and you put your all into it, sharing your experiences, ideas and perspective, others will learn from that and will benefit from it. It may not necessarily be their stance or their perspective but they will take something and learn something from your writing and that is a very important part of the equation.

As an author, you are at the forefront of the development of the literary industry.

You are creating this book because you have something important and relevant to say about it that will teach and help others and when you publish with AGP, we cut down the time it takes to get your book to market because our staff are dedicated to making sure that there is no unnecessary lag time. We work with you quickly and we make sure the output is the best it can be!

That is one of the reasons Authors Get Published (AGP) exists : to bring to market the most well-written books that, with beautiful and thoughtful detail, bring to life information that is invaluable to the global market.