The Courage to Submit Your Work

At AGP, we understand that some authors can feel really nervous or hesitant about submitting their manuscript to a publishing house…any publishing house. That’s why we do our best to take the nervousness out of the process. We do this by:

  • Doing our best to make the submission process as easy and as simple as possible
  • We make sure you know that we value and respect your work
  • We thank you in advance for taking the time to submit your hard work to us
  • We treat you with respect each step of the way
  • We get back to you within 2 weeks (business days only) and let you know of our decision either way

So if you are a new author or even a seasoned author and you are nervous about submitting your work, we are here to say: “Don’t be! A publisher and an author are supposed to be working together to get this process done right and done within the right time frame, and because we have published many books already, we understand the elements that go into this process to help make your book the best that it can be!”

So don’t hesitate. Brush up your submission based on our stated guidelines and go right ahead and submit. Even if we are not the right publishing house for you, we will respect and thank you for your work and we will let you know that while this path may not be the right one for you, there is another house out there that will be.